Low Noise EDFA  - 
Product Number - AEDFA-1550-PA-35-M-FA

PM EDFA 20dBm - 
Product Number - AEDFA-PM-US-100-05-20-M-FA

30 uJ EDFA  - 
 Product Number - AFL-PM-NS-1550-40-30-33-R-CL

Standard EDFA 20dBm - 
 Product Number - AEDFA-US-100-05-20-M-FA

Optical amplifiers are devices which receive some input signal and generates an output signal with higher optical power. Typically, inputs and outputs are laser beams, either propagating as Gaussian beams in free space or in a fiber. The amplification occurs in a so-called gain medium, which has to be “pumped” (i.e., provided with energy) from an external source. Most optical amplifiers are either optically or electrically pumped.

Our applications laboratory is available to customize all of our Lasers. To ensure you find the best Laser and processing parameters to meet your application requirements.

Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA)

300 uJ EDFA  - 
Product Number - AFL-PM-NS-1550-10-10-37-R-CL