​GQM B-Series

GTL Series

QCW Series

Multi-Mode CW Fiber Lasers

Single Mode CW Fiber Lasers

GQM Series​​


Quasi CW Fiber Laser

Pulsed Fiber Lasers (Q-switch)

B Series Pulsed Fiber Laser

Pulsed & CW Hybrid Laser

15W SM CW Fiber Laser

GCL Series

Pulsed & CW Hybrid Laser

Lasers play a major part in the processing of the disparate materials used in engineering and manufacturing. The range of procedures in which they are involved is ever increasing. Laser material processing uses high-intensity light beams in material fabrication. This can include cutting, engraving, drilling or welding metals. It can also include cleaning materials with lasers. 

Our applications laboratory is available to customize all of our Lasers. To ensure you find the best Laser and processing parameters to meet your application requirements.

CYM Series